Circuit dynamics with nScope

We’re underway in our development of the new nScopeAPI, which will allow users to program nScope’s inputs and outputs with any C, Python, or Matlab code they write. While testing this new API, David wanted to show how nScope can be used to perform custom circuit measurements. Check out the video, in which he shows an RLC circuit responding to a pulse and sine wave input.

nScopeAPI can be used for controlling RC Motors

The nScope API currently under development will enable nScope to do so much more than just read electric signals. In this post, Nick demonstrates how the pulse generator can be used to control the position of an RC motor. Using the new API, he reads the tilt of an accelerometer and uses that value to control the position of the motor in real-time.

Basic debugging with nScope

Probably the most important thing you need an oscilloscope for is debugging. We all build circuits, and a lot of the time, they don’t work right. Not even experts build circuits that work the first time. Instead of pulling our hair out looking meticulously at the diagram, at the circuit, and back to the diagram again, we choose to use a scope to figure out where the signal isn’t acting like it should. In this example, we demonstrate how nScope can be used to debug a basic Arduino project.