nScope is now available on Amazon

Today, we have passed a major milestone: nScope is in stock at Amazon.

We (Nick and David) have learned so much in this process, and we’re super excited that we can finally get nScope to those who missed our Kickstarter campaign. But this is just another step forward in the road ahead of us. Unfortunately, right now we cannot distribute to people outside North America. That will take some additional work and time to understand the nature of international fulfillment.

Software updates

The nScope software is still in a beta form. We are very near our v0.8 release, and we’ve got some great improvements in the works. Over the summer, we have completed some major under-the-hood changes to our firmware and API. And while this may not appear on the surface to have a great impact, these changes will improve the reliability and programmability of nScope for other developers.

First, we added in rigorous error-checking into every function call and communication link to nScope. This error-checking layer has required us to totally rework the API. And since we wrote the nScope software using the same open API, we had to rewrite a good bit of the software. But it’s been for the better, as it’s exposing some of the flaws we had in our original architecture. The result will be a faster, smoother nScope interface.

We also started documentation of the nScopeAPI, the results of which can be previewed here. We firmly believe that nScope’s best feature is to be used as a custom tool for your own projects. Although we only have the C API fully documented yet, we will continue to maintain python and MATLAB implementations to support scripting with nScope.

capturemenuUpcoming in version 0.8, you can expect a new capture menu, for those who want to save either a screenshot or a CSV of the raw data. With these capture features enabled, nScope lowers the barrier to data acquisition even more. Still in the pipeline are the X/Y and Roll horizontal modes, as well as a more advanced trigger functionality.

Lab development

We made nScope to teach our own students how to build electronics. And we think that everyone can learn if they’re given the right tools. We want to provide free educational material right here on nScope.org, and we’ve just begun to lay the framework for that electronics education, which can be previewed here. Although we only have the first few labs published, we have slated a course of labs that start with the very basics of electronics all the way to designing complete analog and digital circuits by reading datasheets.

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