Updating nScope

nScope 0.7 is now available for download, and with every new version of nScope software, there is new firmware that needs to be loaded too. Here’s a breakdown of what happens during this process.

First, nScope software is updated. Once the new version is loaded, it connects to the nScope and should see that the firmware version is mis-matched with the software, and should begin the firmware loading process. If that doesn’t happen automatically, you may need to use the menu to update the firmware.

The firmware loading process consists of three steps, discussed below. If you have any questions, or run into any problems, please let us know at contact@nscope.org

Connecting to the Firmware loader


The firmware loader is a small piece of software on the nScope hardware that receives new firmware. When the nScope is in firmware loader mode, the right-hand green LED blinks. The firmware loader itself is recognized as an HID device, so no drivers are needed, but Windows likes to “install drivers” anyway, which slows down the connection process on the first try.

A fast blinking green LED (twice per second) indicates that the firmware loader is running AND connected to the computer successfully.

A slow blinking, or single solid green LED indicates that nScope is running the firmware loader, but it cannot talk to the computer. This will probably happen for Windows users the first time nScope is updated, since Windows doesn’t recognize the device initially.

You can enter firmware loader mode either automatically during an update by using the nScope software, or by pressing the nScope button while plugging it into the computer.

Writing the firmware


In this step, the computer is loading new firmware. Do not unplug nScope during this process. After the firmware loading is complete, the software may automatically reboot nScope, or it may give you instructions to unplug and replug nScope. This process should take no more than 20-30 seconds.

Rebooting the nScope


As mentioned above, a reboot may be triggered automatically by the software, or you may need to unplug and replug nScope.